Dr. Fuseini Issaka has multidisciplinary background in Agricultural Technology (Bsc), Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering (Msc) and Agricultural Environmental Protection (PhD). He was a UNESCO/China Great Wall Fellow at the College of Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering, 2009 at the South China Agricultural University. He obtained his PhD in Agricultural Environmental Protection, 2019 from the College of Natural Resource and Environment, South China Agricultural University. His research directions are, Sustainable Conservation Tillage, Climate Smart Agriculture, Ecological Restoration of degraded lands, Agricultural Non-point Source Pollution Monitoring and Control (Nitrogen and Phosphorous). He was the Head of Agricultural Engineering Department at Kwadaso Agricultural College (06/2014-11/2021). He lectured Diploma in General Agriculture, Diploma in Agricultural Extension and Certificate in General Agriculture students in Soil and Water Conservation, Climatology and Climate Change, Irrigation and Drainage, and Soil Science. He is also a member of the International Society of Precision Agriculture (ISPA) and the New Zealand Society of Precision Agriculture. He is an innovator especially in Smart irrigation (An inventor of a plastic bottle sprinkler irrigation system) for use by small scale farmers in Ghana. He has wide expertise in Smart Irrigation, Nutrients Management in the Ecosystem; Pollution Control in Soil & Water Systems and in Ecological Systems, Environmental Management and Ecosystem Services. He believes, students must go through practical oriented training in order to be an instrument of change for the future.