The College has the following working policy documents, some of which are currently under review:

  1. College Statute (Under review)
  2. Strategic Plan (Under review)
  3. Academic Policies and Regulations for Students (Under review)
  4. Guidelines for Preparing and Presenting Project Work, Dissertation and Thesis (Under review)
  5. Quality Assurance Policy (Under development)
  6. College Handbook (Under under  development)
  7. Finance and Administrative Policy (Under development)
  8. Procurement Policy Guidelines (Under development)
  9. Examination and Moderation Policy (Under development)
  10. Code of Ethics for Staff and Students – This document contains the following policies:
    1. Policy on Supervised Industrial Attachment and Field Visits
    2. Policy on Peer Review of Academic Programmes
    3. Policy on Staff Development
    4. Policy on Student to Student Relationship
    5. Policy on Student Evaluation of Teaching & Learning
    6. Policy on New Employee Induction
    7. Policy on Employee Orientation
    8. Policy on Supervised Industrial Attachment and Field Visits
    9. Policy on New Faculty Mentoring