On the recommendation of the Academic Board, the College Governing Board approved the establishment of the Quality Assurance Office in the College. The Office is headed by a Coordinator. The Coordinator is to provide the following:

  1. Support the leadership in the management of their strategic academic planning and quality assurance functions, as well as the information systems of the College;
  2. In consultation with Programme Coordinators/Heads of Department:
    • Coordinate the activities of the Programmes/Departments regarding quality service delivery in respect of teaching and research to ensure that the College attains academic excellence;
    • Prepare and maintain an up-to-date database on staff and students as well as basic statistics on the College;
    • Facilitate the yearly appraisal of Senior Members and
    • Perform any other relevant functions as may be assigned to him/her by the President.
  1. Oversee all quality assurance issues ranging from reviewing changes to curricula, policy reviews and documentation, qualification and competence of faculty (during recruitment), review of teaching and learning, examination, internal peer review, external moderation and input of students’ review of faculty performance;
  2. Involve experts from mentor institutions, to assess the adequacy and relevance of all course outlines, objectives and contents;
  3. Ensure that there are, in place, appropriate teaching aids, examinations, course evaluation, and interim assessment forms relevant to course objectives, outline, and content to assess the adequacy of the courses and programmes;
  4. Ensure that students appraise a lecturer’s performance and the results analysed and used to give feedback, modify behaviour, offer support, and develop the capacity of teaching staff.
  5. Be a member of Academic Board and advise the Board on all quality assurance issues;
  6. Perform any other duties assigned by the College President and
  7. Report to the Office of the College President

The Office through the Coordinator is to implement the Quality Assurance Policy of the College to ensure that there is assurance of quality in every facet of the College thereby enhancing teaching and learning. In doing so the following policy documents and forms are to be used for assurance of quality in the College:

Policy Documents:
College Quality Assurance Policy
Implementation Manual for CCST Quality Assurance

CCST-QFORM-1- CCST Course Outline Design
CCST-QFORM-2- Course-Exam Evaluation by Lecturers
CCST-QFORM-3 Course-Lecturer Appraisal by Students
CCST-QFORM-4 -Student Research Inception Form
CCST-QFORM-5 -Student Research Progress Report Form