Dr. Ernest Foli is a Principal Research Scientist and former Deputy-Director at the CSIR-Forestry Research Institute of Ghana. Has 33 years’ experience in forestry research and has held several management positions during this period. With more than 18 years’ teaching experience in forestry at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels he currently coordinates the postgraduate programme in Climate Change and Integrated Natural Resources Management at the CSIR College of Science & Technology.

Dr. Foli was one of the 15 eminent scientists appointed by the UN General Assembly to draft the 2019 Global Sustainable Development Report. He has made significant contribution to forestry and science with about 215 scientific outputs, including 33 peer-reviewed journal articles, 14 books, 10 manuals/Policy Briefs, 63 scientific reports, and about 95 conference papers.

He is a member of 12 International Professional Associations/Committees/Boards and 24 local/national Associations/Boards/Committees. He chairs the MRV Sub-working Group of the National REDD+ Working Group, contributing to the development of Ghana’s REDD+ Monitoring, Reporting & Verification System and the Forest/Emissions Reference Levels (FRL/FREL). He has led many national and international projects as Principal Investigator and recently successfully coordinated the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme (IPP) Forests2020 Project led by Ecometrica.