MPhil Fisheries Programme


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MPhil Fisheries Programme

Rational program

 The absence of long-term data on all aspects of fisheries on the continent due to limited studies has been a major factor influencing the management and utilization of fish resources and fisheries in Africa. The Fisheries Science MPhil program is to produce the requisite human resources to support the development of fisheries and fisheries related activities including research for development of the sector in the country, the West Africa sub-region and the continent as a whole. This initiative is necessary, since the fisheries industry of the majority of countries on the continent contribute significantly to their social and economic development.

This program provides special advantages, judging from the following considerations;

  1. The availability of exceptional resources (both human and laboratory facilities) for students' training due to long standing specialization in the subject area, and unique insights into the industry by the Institute (CSIR-Water Research Institute) that is hosting the program.
  2. Provisions made for training in entrepreneurship within the fisheries and aquaculture value chains in the country.
  3. Availability of resources for training in specialized areas eg knowledge, genetics and its application in fisheries management and aquaculture development in both fresh- and brackish- waters.



The goal of the program is to ensure the continuous availability of specialized human resource capacity for sustainable development of the fisheries industry, and the management of fish and fisheries resources in the country, the sub-region and the African continent.

Specific objectives


The objectives of this program are to;

i.   Train students to acquire specialized knowledge, skills and techniques for sustainable development and management of fish and fisheries resources through teaching and research.

ii.  Equip students with the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes to work as professionals and researchers in the field of fisheries.

Admission Requirements and Target Groups
A candidate seeking admission to the MPhil Fisheries Science program must:

i. Have obtained a good first degree, BSc in Agriculture, Biological Sciences or related fields (at least a Second Class) from a recognized University.

ii. Submit an official transcript of academic record

iii. Submit reports at least two reference, one of which must be from a former lecturer

iv. Satisfy any additional requirements prescribed by the Institution. These may include relevant work experience and an interview.

Program Structure


The MPhil. Fisheries Science will include the following core courses:


YEAR 1 Semester 1


Code            Course Title                     Credits                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

FISC 601        Fish Systematics                                                            3

FISC 602        Fish Biology:                                                                   3

FISC 603        Fish Population Genetics                                                3

FISC 604        Aquatic E c 3 osystems

FISC 605        Research Methodology and Statistics                            3

Semester 2

Code               Course Title                        Credits                                                                                                                                                                     

FISC 606        Fish Population and Community Dynamics                    3

FISC 607        Fisheries Resources, Management and Conservation     2

FISC 608        Fisheries Economics and Trade                                        3

FISC 609        Software Packages Relevant to Fisheries Science          2

FISC 610       Proposal Writing and Experimental Design                       2

YEAR 2                                            Semester 1


Code Course Title Credits                                                                                                                                                                   

FISC 611                     Seminar 1 (Scientific writing and presentation)          3

FISC 612                     Thesis work (Thesis planning and data collection)       9

                                                          Semester 2


Code Course Title Credits                                                                                                                                                            

FISC 613                    Seminar 2 (Data collection and analyzes)                     3

FISC 614                     Thesis work (Write-up and presentation)                      9

Student Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, students will be equipped with knowledge and skills necessary for the professional development, sustainable exploitation and management of fisheries for long term benefits to Ghana and the continent.