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  • About Us

We welcome you with great pleasure to the CSIR College of Science and Technology, simply referred to as CCST. The College is a science and technology mandated institution birthed out of the research and development experiences of the 13-institute Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (the CSIR), the nation’s premier research institution established in 1959 to conduct scientific and technological research in the broad disciplines of agriculture, industry, environment, and some aspects of health, and transfer technologies generated by its research institutes for national socio-economic development.

The College is wholly owned by the CSIR, and is registered at the Registrar-General’s Department as a privately-owned, non-profit organization. The CCST is a Research College operating within the research facilities of the thirteen institutes of the CSIR institutes. The College has available to it the well-equipped, state-of-the-art laboratories, conference and seminar rooms, research stations, and other facilities of the institutes by which to deliver its programmes. These facilities constitute a unique learning environment that will provide students with opportunities for enquiry and effective learning through literature study, laboratory and field research as well as by hands-on, project approach to problem-solving.

The Vision of the College is “To become the leading provider of quality science and technology education, research, innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa.” This directive statement of the College’s future is meant to be the driving force behind every programme, activity or process that the College initiates towards its own development into the future.As a postgraduate training institution, the CCST is mandated to develop the skills, knowledge, creativity and attitudes of its graduates, using the research approach to generate knowledge, enhance their skills, and thus prepare them for effective professional practice . This intention is captured in the Mission statement of the College as follows: -
“To equip stakeholders (developers and managers) in the physical and natural sciences with appropriate skills and attitudes to enhance their contribution to sustainable development in Ghana.”

Core Values

The CCST values excellence in all areas of its practice, especially in:

 Leadership
 Teaching and Learning
 Scholarly research and Innovation
 Public engagement
 Staff performance

Programme Distribution – Accra and Kumasi

The academic programmes of the College are hosted within the premises of the institutes of the CSIR. Eight (8) accredited programmes are currently on offer. Four of those programmes are to be run in Accra, and the other four in Kumasi. The distribution is as follows:-

Programmes Venues
MPhil Animal Nutrition and Feed Production Accra
MPhil Food Science and Nutrition Accra
MPhil Fisheries Science Accra
MPhil Aquaculture Accra/Akosombo
MPhil Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Kumasi
MSc Climate Change and Integrated Natural Resources Management        Kumasi
MPhil Climate Change and Integrated Natural Resources Management Kumasi
MPhil Soil Health and Environmental Resources Management  Kumasi



Academic Staff/Lecturers

The courses will be taught by experienced research staff of the CSIR institutes, most of whom are at the very top of their professional careers, and are widely renowned performers in their areas of specialization. From their professional backgrounds, they will impart to their students, the rich knowledge and skills they have gained over years of research practice.

Description of Hosting Institutes/facilities?

Your convenience is indeed our priority concern, and for that, the College has cafeteria facilities at all its campus locations to take care of the catering needs of students at reasonable cost.For your health needs, there are also well-equipped hospitals and clinics with which the College has special arrangements to respond to medical emergencies and other health needs of students.It is the aim of the college to ensure that your time with us proves both academically rewarding and socially pleasant; and for that, the College has in place collaborative arrangements with various sporting and entertainment establishments to enable you properly engage your favourite pastimes.

We welcome you once again, and wish you a truly memorable academic and social experience with the CCST.

Accommodation/ Hostel Arrangements

The College currently operates as a non-residential institution, but it has arrangements with housing institutions that provide excellent hostel accommodation for students who may express such needs.